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Virtual / Fractional 
Chief Token Economist
Tokenomics as a Service


Are you struggling with token economics?

How to create organic demand for my token?

Do I really need a token?

What makes Bitcoin valuable?

What makes an NFT valuable? 

Which is better: fixed, inflationary or deflationary supply?

What is the best token distribution and vesting schedule?

Which market maker to choose? 

Which exchanges should I launch my token on? 

Do I need a Python model or is a spreadsheet enough?

How to drive volume and liquidity?

How to engage with my community? 

What are the regulatory implications of my token design?

Which chain should I launch my token on? 

Is my whitepaper good enough? 

What are good use cases for a token?

Will enterprises use a token?

A virtual Chief Token Economist can help!

Hire Michal Bacia, an experienced Chief Token Economist "as a service".

Please get in touch to check the current availability and prices.


Access to a private Token Economics group on Telegram and group events, where you can ask questions and discuss token economics with Michal and other expert

Free plan


Ask Michal any token economics questions privately via messaging platforms and email

Private events, including token economics AMA calls 

Exclusive documents, templates and insights 

Silver plan


Everything included in Silver 

2 regular private calls per month 

Document review: white papers, financial models, requirements, user stories  

Gold plan


Everything included in Gold

Up to 4 additional private calls per month

Document creation: token economics analysis, financial models, requirements

Platinum plan

Delia Sabau, CEO Optima Financials

"Michal is very knowledgeable, creative, efficient and result-orientated. He was instrumental in designing tokenomics based on economical fundamentals for two of my projects."


@realMichalBacia on Telegram and Twitter


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