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Michal Bacia
Chief Token Economist

Instead of asking ChatGTP Artificial Intelligence to write my bio in 3rd person, I decided to write a few honest paragraphs using some “natural intelligence”.


It’s my strong belief that the future will be tokenized. Everything that can be tokenized, will be tokenized. I know there are great use cases for tokens on blockchains right now, I was personally involved in some. At the same time, I’m very skeptical about 99% of the web3 projects out there, so the first token economics question I always ask is “Why do you need a token?”

Working with both enterprises and native web3 projects gave me a unique perspective on tokenization, token economics, and the entire web3 space in general. I know what the tech is capable of, but I also know what needs to happen to onboard the next billion of real-world users and companies.  

I have a Master’s in managerial economics and a background in project finance. I discovered blockchain in 2017 and became fascinated by the ability to create tokenized, socio-economics incentives, automated governance, and entirely new classes of assets. Since then, I was able to work with great enterprise and web3 teams designing, testing, and auditing token economics and web3 business models. In total, I’ve contributed to over 20 projects. 


In the sprint of “practice what you preach” (or “eat your own dog food”, if you are in the startup world) I co-founded a DAO with the goal to bring self-sovereign finance to reality. I’m leading the token economics design of a zero-interest lending protocol, a utility token, and a non-custodial native, decentralized payment coin pegged to EUR. In the first release, the payment coin remained stable and 85% of the utility token was used inside the protocol.  

My article "Trust-less governance is the killer app of blockchain technology" is a part of the Blockchain curriculum at MIT Sloan. I'm a Lufthansa Aviation Blockchain Challenge winner.

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