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  • Michal Bacia

Economics or Ponzinomics, Templates or AI for sustainable tokenomics

Here's a recording of a recent token economics webinar where I talked with William De'Ath and Roderick McKinley (check out his Youtube channel Token Desing as well).

In this conversation, we discuss the benefits of tokenization and its impact on businesses. They emphasize lower costs, higher automation, scalability, and more efficient business processes as key advantages of tokenization. The experts stress the importance of creating sustainable token economics by considering factors like utility and organic demand for the token.

We also discuss the role of regulation in ensuring responsible and secure implementation of blockchain technology. We delve into the integration between artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain. We also explain that blockchain provides a way to make economic data visible and digitally readable by machines, allowing for more efficient and reliable business processes.

Examples of how AI can be used with blockchain technology are given, such as federated machine learning or digital signatures for content authentication. Challenges in tokenizing real-world assets like carbon credits or traceability are addressed. We highlight the need to address market demand and design sustainable economies based on verifiable data.

We mention the necessity for standards at a lower level before developing general economic templates. The conversation touches on gaming projects built on blockchain technology, such as play-to-earn games. We emphasize the need to create enjoyable games first before integrating blockchain features. While blockchain can enhance game economies through incentives or traceability, it should not compromise gameplay quality.

Finally, we share why we personally invest time and resources into blockchain technology. I expressed his passion for economics and see transformative potential in creating socio-economic incentive structures using blockchain. Roderick shares his interest in joining an evolving field with opportunities for economic design innovation.

Overall, the conversation highlights the benefits of tokenization in improving efficiency and scalability in businesses while emphasizing sustainability practices. It also explores how AI can complement blockchain technology and discusses challenges related to real-world asset tokenization and gaming projects built on blockchain.

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